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1. Enter any number of names you want to search or upload a list of names.

2. Enter any number of goods or services you want to include in your search.

3. Click the Submit Search button.

When all your tradmark searches are complete you will receive a report in your inbox with your trademark
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Trademark BOB is not like any other trademark search tool out there. A skeptic at first, I tried BOB for a few searches and it quickly spotted issues that would be problematic in getting registered with the trademark office. So, I highly recommend giving BOB a try!

Stephanie Louie

Founder, North Star Brand Builders

BOB is an important part of our team. We save time and money using BOB, which allows our companies to get new products to the market faster.

John Miller

Chairman and CEO of The Cali Group

BOB is a very useful and easy-to-use trademark search tool. I will continue to use BOB for my firm’s branding projects.

Scott Robertson

Managing Partner of Robertson+Partners

BOB enables me to review a long list of potential names in a cost-effective manner. By using BOB as a trademark screening tool, I have confidence that my short list of presented names will pass legal scrutiny when it is ultimately reviewed by the client's trademark lawyers.

Mark Prus

Principal, NameFlash

Compare Us to Our Competition

Attribute Corsearch Cardinal IP TM Search Professional TM Lawyer
Identifies identical and phonetically similar marks
International Scope** U.S + [optional]
3 Countries
U.S. U.S. U.S. U.S., but links to WIPO Global Brand Database and TM View for Unlimited, Free International Searches
Analyzes the relatedness of goods likelihood of confusion factor*
Analyzes the dilution likelihood of confusion factor*
Multiple Names and Multiple Goods/Services in one search submission
Automatically assigns International Class numbers
Suggests goods/services descriptions to use in the search
Price per search Annual Subscription $4,000 for up to 250 searches $400 per name for same day reporting $25 per name or more $50 per name or more $9.99 per name or Annual Subscription $2,375 for up to 250 searches [Unlimited search plans also available]
Turnaround Time
- 30 names
- one good/service description
Longer than BOB 30 reports delivered instead of one 30 reports delivered by the end of business 5+ hours 5+ hours One report containing all 30 names delivered in about 13 min. (~26 seconds per mark)

*Basing a Risk Level on only the Similarity of the Marks and overlapping International Class Numbers results in an overly conservative and even inaccurate risk assessment
**Paying for International Searches when a mark is unavailable in the U.S. is a waste of money. The better strategy is to search the U.S first then search names available in the U.S. in foreign countries.


Try BOB®,  the time saving, money saving trademark search option that helps you confidently select your brand.

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